The Day I was Born, April i Will rock you

According to a wiseman, people who were born on the first of April, must be like me :D….

I am very curious and dedicative. When I am interested in something, Everything else has to wait. This is my quality. But If I learn To be more patient and complete what I have started, I will be successful in life. My love, I believe in love at first sight. I won’t wait to learn more about the person.

Vise versa, people who fail To impress me will hardly get A chance to be my friend. My emotion is on the extreme. I can only love or hate, Nothing in between, And this often shows in my expression. Try not to End a relationship in A quarrel….

So, are you guys ready to get a chance?

A years ago, I learned many things….
A years ago, I experienced many good and bad things
A years ago, I grew up, married, got pregnant, and owned my castle with lovely daughter and husband.

What I have done for many years, quite enough to be mentioned as Syukur? God, being a thankful person is my only dream.

Alhamdulillah ya Allah, You lead my way….

I am here, right now, trying to be better, happy and stay young… I have the ability to see the beauty in me (ehmmmmm…..) coz anyone who Keeps the ability to see Beauty never grows old…

There is no cure for birth and death Save to enjoy the interval. With mirth and laughter Let Old wrinkles come. When I was born, I was crying and everyone around me were smiling, live life so that when I die….I am the one smiling and everyone around me is crying….

My born day is a special time to celebrate….


2 Tanggapan

  1. Happy B’Day to u…

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